Pixy - Led
Where the Wind Goes
And Then
Day and Night
Another Time
Let Me hold On

Prophecy Dark Moon Night Thumbnail
It wasn't meant to be this way It wasn't part of the plan
Oh your eyes frighten me, take me back, to a moment I almost forgot
I saw the darkness behind them, shining brightly
Brighter than all the stars reflected in the night sky
Heaven shows me far too much
Let me close my eyes

I remember when you came to find me, just like I'm seeing now before me
So much hidden in a simple kiss, a gentle caress
All of that darkness kept inside turned my words so strange and sad
This gift you've given to me keeps its meaning hidden deep inside me

Turns my days around, the rising sun lights my night
I never looked away I ran to you with open arms
Heaven shows me far too much Let me close my eyes
Now I see your face again, I see your eyes again

Just like they were before....
The vision crashing in again
Raining down on me
Wind and rain burn the earth away
And I see the empty sky

Dark Moon Night
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